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Discover the Smoky Mountains and Gatlinburg on this immersive Jeep tour. As you look out at the sights and sounds of the Smokies, your interpretive tour guide will tell you all you want to know about the Great Smoky Mountains. You’ll learn all about the natural landscape, history, landmarks, and so much more. This engaging Jeep adventure is the best way to explore the Smokies during your vacation.

Good To Know

  • The tour is 2 hours and 30 minutes long.
  • Enjoy an off-roading experience through the Smoky Mountains after your tour.
  • Bring a camera to capture the Smoky Mountain sights.
  • Pregnant women cannot participate in the off-roading portion of the tour.


from Roaring Fork Smoky Mountains - Pink Jeep Tour
Travel through Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail. Roaring Fork Smoky Mountains tour departs from our convenient Pigeon Forge, Tennessee location. Your tour begins when your Certified Interpretive Guide brings charming Gatlinburg’s story to life. You’ll take in the sights of the shops and attractions from your seat in a custom-built, open-air Pink® Jeep® Wrangler. At the end be thrilled in an exciting 4x4 off-road adventure.

With your hands on your camera and your guide’s hands on the steering wheel, you’ll head toward a road where tour buses can’t go. The heavily forested Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail is a single lane road. The open-air Jeep beneath the canopy of trees fills your senses. The climb rewards you with viewpoints from high above.

Along the way you’ll learn of the hardwood forest in the Smoky Mountains. A narrow, paved path through chestnut oak, white oak, magnolia, maple and tulip trees take you to the pinnacle, where stops at overlooks give you striking views.

From here, you’ll begin your descent. Historic structures dot the road’s edges. This was the American Frontier in the 1830s and 1840s. Log cabins and mills remain and your Pink guide will tell you their stories.
The sound of a stream catches your attention. As your Jeep descends the winding road, the stream builds. Soon, cliff-hugging waterfalls and rolling waters become unspoiled stops for remarkable photo opportunities.
From Roaring Fork, it’s one last pass through Gatlinburg on way to a thrilling off-roading ride through a trail on private land. Your professional Pink Jeep guide has been expertly trained to give you an experience unlike any other in the Great Smoky Mountains—an adventure that you will share with loved ones.
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Frequently Asked Questions about Roaring Fork Smoky Mountains - Pink Jeep Tour

What time do I need to check-in for my tour?
Check-in is 20 minutes prior to your tour departure time.

Where do we check-in for our tour?
All of our tours depart from our office which is located at 3152 Parkway, Suite 1B, Pigeon Forge, TN 37863.

Should we tip our guide and if so how much?
It is customary to tip the guide. Gratuity is based on individual preference but we suggest 15%, which is the industry standard. You may tip the guide in cash or have it added to your credit card.

What should I wear for our tour?
We recommend wearing comfortable outdoor clothing with closed toe shoes. You may want to bring a hat and switch to eyeglasses if you wear contacts (tours can be dusty and this can irritate your eyes if you wear contacts).

Is there anything special we need to bring?
Sunscreen and a bottle for water. We have a water refill station located at our merchandise store to keep your bottle full of water. Don't forget to bring a camera!

What can I bring on the tour?
A purse or standard sized backpack are acceptable, however, there is no storage space in our vehicles. Anything you bring needs to fit comfortably in your lap throughout the tour.

Can I bring food or alcohol?
Due to the bouncy nature of our tours, full meals or glass bottles are prohibited on the vehicle. If necessary, you are welcome to bring a small containable snack such as a granola bar. Due to Tennessee law, alcoholic beverages are prohibited in our vehicles.

Will there be other people on the tour?
Although our tours are intimate due to vehicle size (max of 6-9 people), there will likely be other guests on the tour.

Are pets allowed on tour?
Yes, we allow dogs that are under 15 pounds as long as they are in a soft-sided carrier that can be held in the owner's lap for the duration of the tour. Service animals are permitted on all of our tours.

Can people with physical disabilities take the tours?
For the safety of our passengers, all guests must have upper body strength with the ability to hold themselves up during the tour. Guests are responsible for getting themselves in and out of our vehicles for their tour.

Can seniors take the tours?
Pink Jeep welcomes all ages.

Can pregnant women go on the tours?
Our 4 Jeep tours in the Smoky Mountains stay on the pavement. Pink Jeep Tours does not allow guests who are pregnant to participate in off-road experience at the end of the tours.

How much sun exposure will I get while on a jeep tour?
Our Jeeps have canopies that offer some relief from sun exposure. We recommend wearing a hat and sunscreen and bringing a bottle of water.

Do you have A/C or heating in your vehicles?
For tours conducted in our open-air Jeeps, there is no air conditioning or heating in these vehicles. The Jeeps are equipped with canopies to shield you from the sun and we provide blankets during colder weather. For tours conducted in our enclosed vehicles, usually used for our longer day trips, there is air conditioning and heating. Blankets are also provided during colder weather.